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Story of a Commission "A client needed a special piece of art for her office. She had a subject in mind...'continuity'. We decided to incorporate symbols centering around the theme of continuity that were written in calligraphy by her mother. Not only does she have a unique piece of art for her office, but the work includes the hand of her mother."
WHY COMMISSION? The creative collaboration between the artist and client can produce a unique piece of art that will be cherished for a lifetime. A commissioned artwork may be the perfect solution to a problem space, or simply a client's desire to help design a piece that has meaning for them. If you haven't had the experience of working with an artist, you may be surprised at how much fun the process can be! FIVE EASY STEPS TO A COMMISSION Step 1: The artist and client meet to identify the client's needs and discuss preliminary concepts. Step 2: The artist produces preliminary designs and provides the client with two small "maquettes" for client review. Step 3: Based on client comments on the conceptual design, the artist produces a final design. The client approves the final design by signing the maquette and providing a deposit of one-third of the agreed upon price. Step 4: The artist continues to work with the client during development of the artwork. Halfway to project completion, the artist meets with the client to review the work, at which time the client can request minor changes. A second deposit of one-third of the price is given to the artist at this time. Step 5: Work is completed and delivered to the client, at which time final payment is due.
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